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I'm Ash! I'm a nurse, homemaker, baby butt wiping, coffee drinking, and overthinker. I'm all the things! Just like many of you I have struggled with feeling inadequate, stretched too thin, and exhausted, I have struggled to feel PRESENT in my situation because of the lies I'm told through media, magazines, Pinterest, and expectations to have a perfect life are alarming. I'm honestly so very far from perfect! I struggle every day to be the best I can be.

I started my photography journey in Jan 2019 after buying a camera (I had never used a professional camera) I did a learn your camera class as my love for children and babies grew, I saw so many mommas that refused to be PRESENT in their babies pictures because of the way they looked post baby. They were missing out on capturing those first moments because they didn't look like Jo Lo after having a baby. This broke my heart! I remember struggling with my body image post-baby and how I felt and deep inside I made it my mission to allow women to see what I see. I see world changers, conquerors, power, confidence, and a soft heart in a hard world. 

I did my first boudoir session actually on my iPhone in my room with a really good friend. What I learned was sometimes to find that confidence you have to strip off all the things holding you back, exposing the raw true person inside. It's so hard to be vulnerable and look deep inside yourself and bare naked in front of a stranger and say "this is me" This is who I am deep down. I empower you to look inside yourself and ask this question, "Can I be transparent, can I find myself in my messy thoughts, Can I be presently exposed to find my inner confidence and master my mind to be the best person I can be?"

I am stunning, confident in my heart and my body, I accept myself as I am and will strive to be the person I want to be. I will make no comparison of myself to others as all flowers bloom at their own time in their own magical way. I am perfectly imperfect and I love myself today and always. 

Thank you for visiting my website and letting me share these captivating women. My dream is that I can make every woman see themselves as the astounding woman they are and they learn the art of self love. I pray my experience helps you see how amazing you really are. How proud I am to be #presentlyexposed


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