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Boudoir Outfit Ideas

A lot of people think sexy, revealing lingerie when they hear the word "boudoir". But did you know there are so many more options than that?

Boudoir is meant to be in your comfort level. If you want the revealing lingerie and implied nudity- great! If you want to wear a cute oversized sweater and lace undies- also great! Booty jean shorts, a bralette, and a wide brim hat is also a fun look. There are endless possibilities to find something to wear for your body type and personality.

I put together a few of my favorite pieces that can easily be ordered from amazon. Scroll to shop :)


Oversized Sweater/Shirt:

Wide brim hats:

Again, anything goes! Your man's favorite button down is a good look too, especially if you're gifting him some sexy photos!

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Presently Exposed Boudoir Photography

*As an amazon affiliate, I may make an income off a purchase from links above*

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