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Nerves are real!

Being nervous before your boudoir shoot is completely normal! Read these 5 tips to having an amazing session!

Kelsey was just like you nervous as she had never done a boudoir session before, but she wanted to do something special for her husband. We met and we went over her outfits and made our selections and I saw she was still on edge so we enjoyed a Coors light together left over from my grand opening. Within 5 minutes she was already warmed up and rocking it. In an hour we shot over 250 images.

“Ashley is an amazing photographer!! She is so creative, kind and makes you feel like you have known her for years! She was very quick at editing and getting the pictures back to me! She went above and beyond by editing over 100 pictures!! I was so impressed! I would highly recommend Ashley and will definitely use her again in the future!!”

So how can you relax and let your inner beauty shine through?

5 tips for an amazing boudoir session

1. Be yourself! If you're comfortable in jeans and a t-shirt then we will work with that! If you are more comfortable in a robe or sweater that's fine too! We will always start with the least revealing wardrobe to get you warmed up. I've never had anyone go past 5 ish minutes before they channel their inner goddess.

2. Go with the flow. I will pose you from your nose to your toes. You don't have to worry about your boobs falling over on the side of the bed or if your hands are in the right place I will have your back and make sure you look stunning. I'm a huge fan of movement so I might have you run your hand down your leg, across your chest or lips, but it's completely fine if you start doing your own thing! Sometimes ladies get this wonderful flow and all I can say is yes, yes, yes girl you got it!

3. Prepare. There's nothing worse than rushing (I know because I'm a recurrent tardy's on my goal list in 2020) Take a bubble bath, shave, come with a clean face and a suitcase of outfits! YES I said a suitcase! Bring everything you feel sexy in including shoes, jewelry, or even your blindfold you handcuffs! Some days we feel sexier in lingerie or in our spouses shirt. Sometimes in a thong and sometimes in booty shorts or even a dress! This moment in time is just for you!

4. Have a playlist! What's your favorite music? What gets your heart pumping, makes you relaxed, or makes you get into the mindset that you're the sexiest woman alive? For me I turn on sex music radio on pandora and that smooth bumping music always channels my inner sex goddess but it's different for everyone!

5. Enjoy yourself! This is a no judgement zone! As a nurse I have seen so many body parts it's unreal! This is about feeling PRESENT, feeling BEAUTIFUL, feeling RAW, feeling STRONG, feeling CONFIDENT in who you are. Sometimes half the battle is getting out of your own way! Before your session I want you to think about all the reasons you want to do this for yourself. Did you recently have a big event in your life? marriage, divorce, lost weight, or maybe you feel in a slump and just need your sexy back? This is the place to get all of that out! All of the insecurities, all of the negativity and be there for yourself in a world that is nonstop worrying about everyone else. This is a time for you!

I hope these tips helped you out!

Comment below with what makes you feel sexy!

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